Management of the Australia Awards Laos

Program management

The Australia Awards Scholarships are managed by Coffey International Limited in association with Vientiane College, on behalf of the Australian Government. Key Government of Laos partners include the Ministry of Education and Sports and the Ministry of Home Affairs. In addition, there are two key agency partners, the Lao Disabled Persons Association and Laos National Commission for the Advancement of Women. The program is overseen by a High Level Advisory Council which provides policy direction across all components of the program.

Governance Structure Laos-Australia Institute 

(a) High Level Advisory Council: that will meet annually to review the overall progress of the program; and provide advice related to policy and cross-sectoral issues at a strategic level; and

(b) Program Steering Committee: that will meet every six months to consider the broader policy directions of the program; approve a four-year rolling plan, budgets and reports; review implementation progress and results and assist to coordinate progress across all program activities and functions.

 Diagram 2:    Governance Arrangements for the Laos Australia Institute



High Level Advisory Council



-  Head of Mission, Australian Embassy

- Minister, Ministry of Planning and investment








Vice Minister of

of Education &


Vice Minister of



Representative of

Lao National



LAI Contractor,

(Secretariat role)



Program Steering Committee



- Vice Minister of Education and Sports

- Counsellor of  Australian Embassy






Director of International Cooperation Department,


Director of Performance Appraisal and Civil Service Development, MoHA

Director of Higher Education Department, MoES

Director of  Foreign Affairs Department, National Assembly

Lao Disabled People's Association


National Commission for Advancement of Women




LAI Contractor, (Secretariat role)


 Roles of High Level Advisory

(a)   Review (overall) program progress

(b)   Provide advice related to addressing policy or cross-sectoral issues – at a strategic level

(c)   Sets strategic directions for Australia’s Lao HRD Program

(d)   Award “Alumnus of the Year” (following advice from Program Steering Committee)

Roles of Program Steering Committee:

(a)   Review implementation progress and results

(b)   Approve four-year rolling plan, budgets and reports

(c)   Identifying membership of Joint Selection Panel (JSP)

(d)   Coordination of program implementation across all program activities and functions

(e)   Recommend “Alumnus of the Year” to High-level Advisory Council

(f)    Present all works discussed above at High Level Advisory Council meeting for endorsement.


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