What is a Re-entry Action Plan (REAP)? 

A REAP is a summary plan which outlines two to three actions that are realistic, achievable and measurable and that can be applied in the workplace within a 12 months period. It is one of the tools the selection panel will use to assess your suitability to the Australia Awards.  REAP encourage applicants to focus on why they want to study, what they want to study and the long term benefits of the award. 

What is Re-entry?

Re-entry refers to the process whereby Australia Awards graduates return to Laos and apply the skills and knowledge they have acquired in Australia to contribute to development objectives and to build linkages between Laos and Australia.

Who are successfully reintegrated Australia Awards graduates?

  • Graduates who return home for two years or more after completing the scholarship
  • Graduates who take up or resume a job relevant to their studies within six months of returning home
  • Graduates who, within the first 12 months, have used what they have learnt and the relationships they have developed  to take action that contributes to organisational objectives and development goals
  • Graduates, who continue to maintain relationships and links with Australia(ns) and with alumni networks in their country and in Australia for two years or more.

How is re-entry linked to the scholarship cycle?

At the selection stage, applicants outline their expected future development contributions after their graduation in the application form and in the interview, if short-listed.

At pre-departure, following their placement at Australian universities in an appropriate course, awardees are briefed on the reintegration process and their obligations.

On award, scholars attend a half day workshop in Australia two to three months prior to study completion to encourage them to re-engage with their workplace and prepare for readjustments and challenges they might face on return.

After graduation, several months after their return, alumni attend a second workshop in Vietnam, where they are guided on how to become a change agent in their workplace, and to make a Reintegration Action Plan to apply the skills and knowledge gained in Australia in consultation with their supervisor.