Tips for Filing Application

OASIS guidelines

Download and read the guidelines on how to use the OASIS application account and system.

Web browsers for OASIS

To register and apply for an Australia Awards Scholarship on the OASIS website, applicants must use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome. Other web browsers do not support some of the OASIS features.

Back-up your application

When answering sections of the application form that require long answers, you should always save a copy of your answer on a Word document before pressing “Next” on each section. After you have submitted the application, you should also save the completed application for your own reference. You may need to refer to it later to prepare for your interview.

Submit application earlier than the application deadline

Note that the OASIS system is used by applicants from all over the world. If possible, do not wait until the application deadline to start uploading documents or submitting your application. The website is extremely busy on the last few days of the application period and you may experience difficulties. Even if you must wait until the last day to upload one last document, for example, the IELTS results, you should complete all other parts of the application beforehand. Applications finalised after the application deadline, even if you started your application before the due date, will not be accepted.


When you create a new application, you will be given a unique OASIS ID number. The ID is in the form AASxxxxxxx (where xxxxx is your unique number). Remember the number and quote it along with your full name in every correspondence with the Scholarships Team at LAI, including emails.


Make sure to include the CRICOS code of your chosen courses of study. Without them, the application may be ruled ineligible.

Character limit

Various sections of the application that require long structured answers may contain a character limit of 500 to 2000 characters, depending on the section. Please note that the limit is the number of characters, not words, and this limit includes blank spaces and all punctuations. Thus, Laos is one word, but four characters in total. If you exceed this character limit, when you attempt to proceed with the application, the system will mark the section with a red X. If you encounter an error message to the effect of “Enter the response up to 1000 character”, this means you have exceeded the character limit and should edit your answer so that it is shorter.

Supporting documents

All files uploaded to OASIS must be under 2MB in size. If your supporting document is several pages long, and will not fit under this size limit, split the document into two or more files, numbering the files “part 1 of CV”, “part 2 of CV” etc.

Family Book

Before scanning your Family Book, make sure your photo and official stamp are shown and marked which number you are on the list.

Be Open and Truthful

Do not alter dates or withhold information about your qualifications. Applicants found altering dates or withholding qualifications will be ruled as falsifying documents, and therefore, will be ineligible for the scholarship.

Less is more

Please do not submit any supporting documents that have not been requested in our Brochure.

Keep a copy of your application

Make sure you keep a copy of your application form as your reference. Interview panel will ask you about several points you’ve provided in the form.

Note: This year’s scholarship selection cycle does not require supporting documents to be verified during the early rounds of screening.

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