Awardees with families

The Australian Government does not provide any financial or other support for the dependants of Australia Awards awardees. Australia Awards Applicants must identify at the scholarship application stage if they intend to bring family members with them to Australia. If Australia Awards awardees are thinking about bringing their family to Australia, it is strongly recommended that they would wait at least six months to settle into their studies.

Australia Awards awardees are responsible, including financially responsible, for their family members who accompany them to Australia. Awardees may contact the Student Contact Officer at their institution for information about accommodation, as well as schooling and child care for dependants. They should contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for information about current visa requirements for accompanying family.

Remember that an Australia Awards awardee's family must be covered by overseas health cover (OHSC). It is a requirement of the 576 Student Dependent Visa that dependants have cover for the duration of their stay in Australia. This is not funded by the Australian Government and awardees are also responsible for organising and paying for this and any other medical expenses for all family members while they are in Australia. OHSC must be organised before family members apply for their visas to Australia as they will be required to provide proof of coverage to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

If awardees decide to bring their families to Australia, the awardees may either:

  • request the institution to arrange family cover for the duration of the scholarship from the institution’s preferred Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) provider. In this case, the institution will pay for the equivalent of single cover, and the awardee will pay the balance, or
  • purchase family cover from a provider other than the institution’s preferred provider. In this case the institution is still required to purchase single OSHC for the awardees for the duration of their stay in Australia. The awardee will be responsible for the entire cost of the family cover.

Families can find further information on OHSC on the Study in Australia website.

Please note that all accompanying family must travel on a 576 dependent visa.  Remember awardees will not be eligible to receive the reunion airfare entitlement if their family accompanies them during their studies, regardless of what visa type the travel on.

576 student dependent visa application

Awardees from Laos must lodge their dependent visa applications through the Australia Awards Office after their student visa is granted and before they leave for Australia. You must provide the Australia Awards Office in Laos with:

  1. Family entry request form
  2. Birth certificate for each child
  3. The evidence of OSHC upgrade
  4. The evidence of school arrangement (if having children from 5 to 18 years old)
  5. The evidence of accommodation arrangement
  6. No objection letter issued by your Institution
  7. Other documents if required (such as reunion airfare waiver)

If you decide to have your immediate family members (spouse and children) accompany you to Australia on dependent visa, you would need a letter of support from the Australian Embassy Vientiane. Please note that the letter of support is issued once only. Please keep a copy of that letter before submitting the original to the visa office. 

Awardees in Australia

Please contact your Student Contact Officer at your Institution for further support and updated information.