Scholarships are available only for courses that are listed on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS), which is the official Australian Government website that lists all Australian education providers that offer courses to people studying in Australia on student visas.

Scholarship applicants are not required to have an offer of place at an Australian institution when they apply. However, applicants must have researched their preferred courses, including information provided on institution websites, and ensure that it is included on the CRICOS websiteThe only exception is qualifying or preliminary courses, which do not need to be listed in the CRICOS. Applicants are encouraged to research more broadly for information on courses.

Applicants are expected to undertake research on the Australian institutions that may provide the most appropriate course of study which meets their needs. The Australian Government website is a good place to start. Applicants must include their course and institution preferences when submitting their application for placement.

Institutions may offer in‑country information sessions and also have extensive information on their individual websites. An institution may recommend a preliminary course to be taken as part of the awardee’s academic program. Program Areas may also assist applicants to make an informed decision on the most appropriate course of study and location.

The Australia Awards Office Laos will initiate requests for placement by 25 August for first semester commencement and by 15 March for second semester commencement. To ensure the placement success, all awardees are required to confirm their courses in late July/early August (for first semester) or February (for second semester).

In your placement documents sent to the Australia Awards Office Laos, please remember to highlight the following:

  • Name of university and course (specialisation)
  • CRICOS Registration
  • Course objective
  • Course duration/length (1.5-2 years for Master and 3-4 years for PhD)
  • Mode of study (research/coursework) Note: research degrees are only available for Alumni and PhD awardees.
  • English requirements
  • Entry requirements

Your courses selection will be reviewed by the Australia Awards Manager of the Australia Awards Office Laos and the Academic Team of Vientiane College.

Course Changes

Please note that changes will only be considered in exceptional circumstances and must be approved by the Australian Embassy Laos. If you would like to change the course, please consider the new courses carefully if they are relevant to:

  • the area of study you nominated in your application form
  • your academic background/eligibility.

and if you meet

  • academic and technical specialisations available of that course
  • the English requirement of the nominated university.

Note: You are not allowed to contact Australian universities during placement process regarding your letter of offer after placement briefing. If you do so your scholarship may be withdrawn. All correspondence must go through the Australia Awards Office Laos.